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Terms & Conditions

Mount Gambier family owned and operated since 2011
Striving for a prestige level of class, elegance and comfort, second to none.
We understand and agree with the following conditions set out by Jupiter Limousines.

We do not supply CD'S or DVD'S. You are most welcome to bring your own CD'S or DVD'S where available.

Any deposit is an acceptance of these terms & conditions.

To ensure that the image of the work we are seen to do is of the highest possible standard
(Not to mention the standards & condition of our vehicles) it is necessary to stipulate.

1 to 10 passengers in the back


We agree to pay the balance due two weeks prior to the date by cash, direct deposit, EFTPOS or money order. Full payment is required before departure. Preferably one week prior. Payments can be made by Cash, direct deposit, EFTPOS or Money Order. Any account payments overdue will incur a 10% surcharge.

The booking customer is responsible to ensure all passengers are aware of these conditions, and is also responsible for any damage to exterior, interior and or contents of the vehicle.

All deposits are non-refundable. We agree that the cancellation of this booking will result in the forfeiture of our security deposit. Your security deposit is your deposit part of the total booking fee (Security deposit will not exceed 50%)

Where the vehicle remains unbooked for your time a fee of up to 75% of original booking fee less deposit may be charged.

Strictly no refunds. Cancellations may result in 75% payment of the event as above. Weddings may attract full fee subject to date of cancellation as above.

We agree to adhere to our start and finish times and accept that any overtime will be charged for that we delay the hire company out side of these times. Along with any work we are unable to attend.

Overtime will be charged at the non discounted hourly rate.

We will accept no responsibility for lateness caused by the client.

We have the right to use any photographs taken on the day for general promotion and display purposes.

All deposits are due by specified dates to secure vehicles, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Credit card facilities are available for immediate phone bookings, a service fee of up to 6% may be applicable.

Breakage of flutes will be charged at $50.00 per glass. Tumblers at $50.00 each. Replacement of goblets at $50.00 each.

Drivers are under strict instruction to stop and not proceed if they believe any person is not in a fit state to travel, this includes offensive or unruly behaviour. Cost to sanitize the interior of a vehicle starts at $400.00 and goes up depending upon the extent of the problem. Plus any work the vehicle is unable to attend. Costs will be charged to your credit card or EFTPOS or cash payment at the time.

Please do not embarrass us by allowing us to turn up to a wedding when it has only been booked by you as a transfer. If so we reserve the right to charge you for this service, less any monies already paid. Prior knowledge accepted.

We shall not be held responsible for any property or to any person or persons, company or syndicate for injuries and are absolved from all liability. SCHOOL FORMALS ARE STRICKTLY NON ALCOHOLIC. Any alcohol snuck into vehicles on these events will result in the termination of the hire and all monies will be forfieted.

Refunds shall not be given upon early completion of pre-booked times.

No hard liquor will be consumed in the vehicle, pre-mixes may be allowed with prior consultation.

No part of the body may protrude from the vehicle. Protrusions may result in termination of your hire. This is against the law.

We apologies if these conditions seem harsh. However they will be enforced to ensure that future patrons are guaranteed an on time and clean service to enjoy their tour or cruise by Jupiter Limousines

Relax sit back and enjoy the company of your partner or friends whilst you're driven around in comfort and style.